Announcing Discasaurus for iPhone

Today is the day! The Discasaurus team is proud to present Discasaurus for iPhone, an innovative new score keeping system that's fast, and easy. In addition to lightning fast score keeping, Discasaurus comes with the following features:

  • Matching website with round history, favorites, and stats
  • Detailed course directory and layouts
  • Recent scores widget for your site
  • Score leaderboard for any course

You can download it right now for free in the Apple App Store, so go get it, use it, and tell your friends about it. If you’re still not convinced, checkout the Dogleg Disc Golf review.


Is the app only available on the US App Store?

I'd be keen to try it here in Finland as well.

Likewise, the Discasaurus team is eager to support international players like yourself. First we need to assemble an international course directory, then we need a logical and intuitive mobile interface to download courses outside the US, and lastly, I believe there is some hoop to jump through in the App Store before we can offer Discasaurus in other countries.

It's tough to say when we'll be able to roll this out (our priority list is pretty big as it is), but I can tell you that it's something that we're definitely interested in for this year. I know that's not the best answer for you, but believe me, when we are not at our day jobs, we are working hard on making Discasaurus better.

Anyway... thanks for the note. Knowing that you've heard of Discasaurus in Finland makes me really happy... and motivated ;o)

Canada too!!

No Discasaurus for Android? I'm an Android user.

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